Found Yourself. Launch businesses and discover new ideas alongside some of the world's most innovative founders and funders at pitch competitions, luncheons, workshops, mixers, and Summits.








Founders Summit

A day of creativity and entrepreneurship with today’s most innovative founders. Prominent entrepreneurs and creatives will share their insider guidance on how to make startups grow.

2017 Founders Summit









Youth Summit

Students, educators, and entrepreneurs from across Virginia will assemble to hear inspirational stories from young speakers and participate in high energy competitions that inspire entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem solving.








Future Forum

What will the Future look like for Charlottesville’s artists and entrepreneurs? The leaders who shape Charlottesville launch Tom Tom with a conversation about the Future.

Crowdfunded Pitch Night

Ten local artists, entrepreneurs, and inventors compete for funding and a coveted spot in Darden’s Innovation Laboratory. Each innovator tries to win over the crowd, which votes to select the winner.








Founders Luncheons

The Founders Luncheons are an opportunity for Founders Summit attendees to dig into specific ideas and problems with the Summit’s speakers, known thought leaders, and each other.









Innovation Competitions

E Cup

The Entrepreneurship Cup showcases and seeds the most compelling UVA student ventures. Presenters complete a live pitch and receive feedback from expert judges. Greater than $50,000 in seed money and in-kind resources is awarded to the most compelling University of Virginia student ventures.

Super Demo

Modeled after Y Combinator’s famous demo days, select groups from more than 10 schools across the East Coast presented projects in tech and entrepreneurship.

Galant Challenge

U.Va. students and alumni join investors from across the region for the largest pitch competition at Tom Tom, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

Innovator of the Year

The highest honor bestowed on University of Virginia innovators, the Edlich-Henderson Innovator of the year award was awarded to four recipients: 2016 winners are John A. Hossack, N. Scott Barker, Arthur W. Lichtenberger, and Robert M. Weikle II.


This annual gathering brought back together a nationwide network of entrepreneurial U.Va. alumni and students for an evening of drinks and conversation at Old Metropolitan Hall.

CIC Showcase

Community Investment Collaborative (CIC) hosted a showcase where attendees met some of the newest home-grown Charlottesville area businesses and found out how to help the next group of entrepreneurs building our community.

Office Hours

For the week of Tom Tom, seasoned professionals across industries take aspiring entrepreneurs and creative individuals out to coffee. Executives, founders, investors, artists, and designers will mentor the next generation.

2017 Founders Summit

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