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Tom Tom Fest begins on Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13th, but we’ve concentrated most of the innovation programming into Friday and Saturday, for an intense weekend of networking, learning, and partying. The anchor is the Founders Summit, a day of talks with the founders of reddit, Gizmodo, Engadget, the Maker Movement, and others. Tickets to the Founders Summit guarantee free admission to most other events at the Festival.

The weekend kicks off on Thursday night with an early registration and pitch competition at the Jefferson Theater. Friday is the daylong Founders Summit, followed by Tom Tom’s Friday Night Block Party. Saturday is full of chances to get out, have fun, and launch your venture. Over half a million dollars of seed stage investment was offered to new ventures at Tom Tom in 2014, so be sure to explore ways that you can participate.

Tom Tom offers dozens of diverse events, and it can be overwhelming. We’ve created a few custom itineraries to give you an idea of what the weekend has in store. That said, we encourage you and your friends to explore the Festival and create your own schedules. All events except for the Founders Summit are free, or free by invitation to Founders Summit ticket holders.

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