Artisanal Tom Tom

The best Virginia artisanal food and craft vendors.

Saturday and Sunday
April 15 – 16, Emancipation Park


An open air market and showcase for local and regional creativity, ranging from upcycled furniture, artisanal food goods, to handmade toys, crafts, and original works of fine art.

All vendors have the option to demo their goods by live showcasing steps of their creative process, teaching the crowd best use of their product, or handing out samples.



food truck application

Applications close March 15

2017 Artisan Vendors

(demo times listed below vendor name)

Wicked Naturals

Charming Finds Boutique

Free Range & Feral

Common Scents

Ash & Coppice

Butterpop Studio

Dinosaur Toes

Red Rocker Candy

Ocean Inspired Beadery

(product demo: 5:30pm)

Lutra Village

(product demo: 5:30pm)

Chalk Paint Everything

(product demo: 2:30pm)


(product demo: 6:30pm)

Top Cat Antiques

You’re in Luck Farm

(product demo: 4:30pm)

Stronge Designs

(product demo: 3:00pm)

Color with Luna

(product demo: 2:00pm)

Filthy Clean

(product demo: 6:00pm)

The Elderberry

(product demo: 4:00pm)


J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

(product demo: 5:30pm)

Blanc Creatives

(product demo: 5:00pm)

Rolling Rock Salt

(product demo: 5:00pm)

The Artful Sojourn

(product demo: 4:00pm)

Gemstone and Pearl

(product demo: 3:30pm)

Lost Woods

Falling Bark Farm

Superfun Yoga Pants

Back Pocket Provisions

(product demo: 3:00pm)