Office Hours

One to one mentoring with industry leaders in technology, media, the arts, and so much more.



Dozens of seasoned professionals across industries take aspiring entrepreneurs and creative individuals out to coffee for 1:1 mentorship. *This mentoring series is exclusive to those who hold a badge to the Founders Summit. Get yours here.


“It was a mutually beneficial meeting, where it ended up more as a focused networking opportunity. It has led to several follow up meetings and idea generation. This was way better than my expectations.”

-Nikki Hastings, Contraline

“We brainstormed a bit on his business challenges and I connected him with someone in town who’s having great success in a similar business.”

-George Michie, Cofounder, Rimm-Kaufman Group.

“I provided a soundboard and some fundamental guidance. He was like a younger version of me. Y’all either got lucky or you matched us well.”

-Hamza Durani, Cofounder, GovSmart

“He gave me a list of people to contact, as well as a few events that would interest me. Michael’s (Prichard, Founder of WillowTree) general positive and supportive attitude gave me more confidence in my project.”

-Julien Duranto, Mentee