Andy Berke

Mayor of Chattanooga
Andy Berke

Andy Berke was elected Mayor of Chattanooga in March 2013 with over 72% of the electoral vote. Immediately following his inauguration, Mayor Berke streamlined government with a top to bottom reorganization that eliminating three departments and saved taxpayer dollars in the process. Since the reorganization, the Berke Administration has relentlessly focused on making Chattanooga streets safer, families stronger, growing middle class jobs, and using taxpayer dollars efficiently. For these works, Mayor Berke was named Municipal Leader of the Year by American City and County magazine.

Through a coordinated approach with the US attorney, the District Attorney, and law enforcement agencies, Chattanooga has seen a decrease in both property and violent crime. Since March of 2013, unemployment has dropped more than 2% and over 6,157 new jobs have come to the Chattanooga region. In his 2nd State of the City address, Mayor Berke announced that the City would partner with the White House and area nonprofits to end chronic Veterans Homelessness by the end of 2016. Since then, more than 117 veterans have been housed in the Chattanooga area. Following a robust public engagement process, Chattanooga established an Innovation District — 140 acres in the heart of downtown that houses a catalytic mix of start-up businesses, incubators, and accelerators alongside investors and public amenities. In addition, the City has partnered with various nonprofits, businesses, and County Government to launch Tech Goes Home (TGH), a program recently honored for Digital Inclusion Leadership by the National League of Cities and Google.


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