David Touve

Director of the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia
David Touve

The Beginning

Born in Chicago — moments before the riots of 1968, David may be the only Tom Tom board member whose birth caused riots. Then again, there was also the Democratic National Convention in town, and that war in Vietnam. But, his birth may have been the tipping point.

He was raised all over the United States, but mostly in the Midwest. As result of his midwestern upbringing, he is completely trustworthy and never exaggerates.


Why Charlottesville

He received a text message. The next thing he knew, he was living in Charlottesville.

Moral of the story: Always have your mobile phone with you. Even when taking a moment to scare away vultures from your neighbor’s property while on a five-mile run.

What is Charlottesville’s greatest untapped potential?

The opportunity to be the best possible version of itself that it could possibly be… Rather than trying to be some version of another city that Charlottesville wishes it was.

Connection to Tom Tom

“I’m sorry. Who is Tom, and why is his last name also Tom? That’s a little weird.”

Favorite thing about Tom Tom

Beyond the whole first and last name being Tom thing…

My favorite thing about the Tom Tom Festival is that it is a festival that not only takes place within, but also is a direct function of the community. What Tom Tom “is” can be re-invented each year, and the community can be involved in that invention.

Interests and Involvement

I am the Director of the Galant Center for Entrepreneurship within the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.

I am involved with a woman from Chicago, who also happens to be my wife.

Sometimes, I find I have a window of free time at the end of the day to take a run. That is, if no one that day told me to go take a hike.

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