Fulton Ave.

Fulton Ave.

Slow to take shape, but ferocious once completed, Fulton Ave is a no frills metal band comprised of some of the most experienced players in the central Virginia area. The brainchild of drummer Jordan Marchni (Bella Morte), Fulton Ave was conceptualized as a band looking to bring aggression back into the local scene. Joined by bassist and producer JJ Williams (In Tenebris, Oh So) and local session guitarist Drew Curtis, the band began to take shape and the first tracks were recorded. Guitarist Justin Melton was later brought in to further enhance the group’s live sound and sonic capabilities. The final piece came in the form of Vocalist Kim Dylla (GWAR, Kung Fu Dykes, Thismeansyou) who joined the group in mid-2016. With straight forward riffs, a crushing rhythm section, haunting melodies, and lyrics that scream far past obscene, Fulton Ave isn’t looking to appease popular metal trends: they’re looking to tear them apart.

Friday, April 14th at The Ante Room

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