Staff & Board

Tom Tom is a non-profit that relies on tremendous dedication from a handful of staff and dozens of community collaborators that sit on our boards and committees. Not listed here are the hundreds of community members who volunteer their time and services, but who are no less essential to Tom Tom's success.


Paul Beyer, Director | paul (at)
Nelsie Birch, Senior Advisor | nelsie (at)
Alex Bryant, Project Manager | alex.bryant (at)
Roger Dean Huffstetler, Senior Advisor | rogerdean (at)
Alex Fife, Senior Advisor | alex.fife (at)
Natalie Jacobsen, Communications Manager | natalie (at)
Whitney Kenerly, Marketing Manager | whitney (at)
Colleen Miller, Associate Director | colleen (at)
Jason Surma, Partnerships Manager | jason (at)
Matt Pamer, Creative Director | design (at)
Madeleine Rhondeau, Speakers & Art | madeleine (at)
Renee Shuey, Designer | renee (at)
Carolyn Zelikow, Program Director | carolyn (at)


Key Partners

Brian Brubaker, Merch  |  Tried & True
Joe Kalkstein & Erra Grant, Production | Blue Ridge AV
Tom Daly, Photographer    |  Tom Daly Photography
Brian Wimer, Videographer   | Amoeba Films

Advisory Board

Bill Antholis, Director, The Miller Center 
Pete Caramanis
, Cofounder, Royer, Caramanis & McDonough PLC
Celia Castleman, Executive Director | Amazon Aid Foundation
Jim Cheng, Cofounder, CAV Angels
Greg Graham, Proprietor, Edgehill Farm
Mark Hahn, Founder, Harvest Moon Catering
Mike Mallory, Cofounder, Ron Brown Scholar Program
Deb McMahon, Founder, Scitent
Jason Ness, Business Development Manager, City of Charlottesville
Susan Payne, Founder, Blue Ridge Group
Michael Prichard, Founder, WillowTree Apps and Metis Machine
Brendan Richardson, Cofounder, PsiKick
Hunter Smith, Founder, Champion Brewing Company
David Touve, Director, i.Lab
Emma Terry, Assistant to UVA’s Vice Provost for the Arts
Todd Wickersty, Cofounder, Storyware
Travis Wilburn, Founder, Stay Charlottesville



Derrick Wang, Marketing     |  derrick (at)
Emily Tu, Student Outreach      |  emily (at)
Lillie Lyon, Student Outreach      |  lillie (at)
Margaret Turner, Student Outreach      |  maggie (at)
Briana Phan, Food      |  briana (at)
Virginia Chambers, Food      |  virginiachambers (at)
Sarah Vanlandingham, Art      |  sarah (at)
Kaleigh Watson, Hometown Summit    |    kaleigh (at)
Neely Egan, Innovation    |    neely (at)

Makayla Whitehurst, Innovation    |    makayla (at)

Fiduciary Board

Rick Beyer, founder, R.L. Beyer Custom Homes
J.E. “Chip” HardingAlbemarle County Sheriff
Blake Hurt, president, Capital Real Estate
Pete Caramanis, legal counsel
Paul Beckert, accountant, White, Beckert & Associates