Artist in Residence

Victory Hall Opera

Victory Hall Opera is now in its second season of bringing cutting-edge, thrilling opera to Charlottesville.


Led by opera singers Miriam Gordon-Stewart (Artistic Director) and Brenda Patterson (Director of Music), and cofounded by Charlottesvillian opera director Maggie Bell, VHO presents a new model, unique in the world, for what an opera company can be: not an institution, but a troupe of exceptional, high-caliber singers, advancing the art form together.

Victory Hall’s performances must meet a three-fold test: they must be “disarming, exquisite, sincere.” This pioneering model informs all original productions (including repertoire from the entire continuum of opera). Performed in a variety of evocative spaces, Victory Hall brings leading performers from around the world to develop a new aesthetic of opera theater that is vital, personal and relevant. Victory Hall created a specific performance for Tom Tom, Oracle: An Operatic Tarot Reading.




Oracle: An Operatic Tarot Reading

Wednesday, April 12 – 6:30PM and 8:30PM

In an unusual twist, the creative minds of Victory Hall Opera will mix a night of possibility with performance, allowing the audience to have their fortunes read, but revealing the portents of those divinations only through a custom-chosen aria.


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